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Product Description


  • Featuring Velcro closures for easy on and off onto bridles, halters, along the headstall, brow band, caveson or chin strap, making for easy application over all of your tack and equipment.
  • The poll pad is an all-natural, non-invasive therapy to assist in relaxation by targeting acupressure points that soften and align muscles along the spine, reducing the need for constant chiropractic and massage work.
  • With its ability to be placed over many acupuncture points, the poll pad can not only help loosen the poll and correct alignment to improve overall collection and acceptance of the bit, but also assists horses with head tilting or TMJ issues.
  • This is the original poll pad, and a fantastic introductory product with its high quality make, variety of color choices, and competitive price point.
  • The poll pad is machine washable for easy maintenance


BeneFab® by Sore No-More® Therapeutic Poll Pad uses FAR-infrared rays to supple and relax muscles along the poll, reducing pain and stiffness through the upper spine and jaw, while helping to harmonize the body’s functions, safely and naturally.  It features easy on and off velcro closures for use on halters, or bridles, along the headstall, brow band, caveson or chin strap.  Additionally it is machine washable and comes in four colors to fit every taste.

With its ability to be applied in a variety of areas, the poll pad is perfect for correcting alignment, enhancing overall collection, promoting bit acceptance and assisting horses with head tilting or TMJ issues.  When paired with Sore No-More liniments and gelotions, you create a non-invasive, dual-action therapy that is proven to relieve pain and inflammation, relax muscles and increase circulation.


FAQ: What is the difference between the Smart pad and the regular pad?

The smart poll pad features dual ceramic and magnetic therapy. The poll pad features ceramic therapy only. 

BeneFab by Sore No-More Poll Pad

$30.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price