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Made from imported organic been leaf. Gently removes smegma from genital areas. Rinses easily. Soap-Free. 
Reduces inflammation and provides antioxident benefits to help soothe delicate tissue. Plus, it won't slide off your wet hand onto the wash rack floor.
Contains: Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Seed Oil, Arnica, Chamomile, Basil, Pine Bark, Cherry Bark | 32 ounces

"I am a professional sheath cleaner. I normally use hypo allergenic baby shampoo in my business as some horses are allergic to the tea tree in some sheath cleaning solutions. I tried equiderma sheath cleaner in my business and found it to be extremely gentle and rinsed away easily. No harsh chemicals and all natural. 5 stars." - Donna K.

Equiderma Sheath, Udder, & Genital Cleanser