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Hydrate, Clean, Shine! A leave in  formula for the mane, tail, forelock , feather and FULL body. Use as our dry grooming system, it helps dissolve dirt, stains and prevent dryness through hydration, conditions and shines the coat too! Helps clean the  through our special  24/7 Hydration formula; giving the horse healthier hair. Use as recommended waterless cleanse respecting the natural protective oils of the horses coat.

  • Use as daily detangler inbetween your min. twice weekly polisher/detangler applications! Great for a quick touch up before brushing.

*Natural verbena scent will not attract bugs – *Buff onto coat for protection,( use our brush system for amazing results), preventing dirt and stain from embedding – * Prevent dryness – Non-Slip formula – Concentrate: made with our finest ingredients: including extracts of sage, chamomile, aloe to name a few.

Use OFTEN: daily to a few times a week to keep tangles and dirt out!

*Includes 16 oz conditioner, one mix bottle and 2 hydrasol spray bottles.

*Upgrade to the supreme Hydrate 24 for the fastest and easiest and the Best results.


Manes &  Tails :

SPRAY directly onto dry or wet mane, tail etc. and leave in. Use in between Polisher/detangler applications as a daily detangler or Apply Polisher over to lock it in for longer lasting results. It helps to moisturize, detangle, de frizz and condition the hair too, in between polisher and conditioning treatments.  Light weight with super results.Keeps hair in exceptional condition. Use as a daily spray when showing to touch up!  Light weight, non slip with outstanding results. Leave in. Big Benefit of Hydrate 24 it dissolves dirt and staining through hydration, thats why our white is white no stains!!

Hydrate 24 Basics Kit