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Hydrate, repair, helps remove  yellow stains and keep hair healthier. A light weight formula for all hair types! Great for dull, damaged, stained, dry or tangled hair. GREAT quality optimises the health of the coat, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less brittle and less prone to staining.

A multifunctional product, 3 in 1!!  Repair after Restore Shampoo, used to formulate Hydrate 24, and shock treatment. (add the Hydrate 24 bottle pack for formulation of Hydrate 24)


An exceptional concentrated formula, no residue, non weighty, not waxy...used after shampooing with Restore shampoo. Use it to formulate Hydrate 24  dry groom (need both our bottles to mix, mix bottle and hydrasol, directions are on both!) and shock treatment!

Use on full body for our dry groom method, mane, tail, forelock, and feathers

-for Horses, Dogs, People too!-

  For dull, damaged, stained, flakey , dry or tangled hair. A perfect treatment that Hydrates , Repairs, Detangles, and Restores. Leaves the hair, Soft & Silky, Repaired and Hydrated. It is a concentrated  formula , so a little goes a long ways. The formula is Very gentle and effective. Also great for full body application before shampooing and after. It  leaves a super shine! No build up no dyes and it does not weigh the hair down.

A perfect treatment to maintain healthy hair, for a longer, silkier, smoother, mane & tail, forelock and feathers and full body.  

-An outstanding concentrated formula consisting of natural extracts; Aloe Vera Gel, Nettle, Sage, Chamomile to name a few.

How to use after Washing with Restore Shampoo(they work together)

-Use on wet clean hair AFTER Rinsing out the RESTORE SHAMPOO, it finishes the cleanse process in addition to hydrating and repairing. Rinse out.

-Use before washing or more sensitive horse, or stains…then restore shampoo, then conditioner again. Maintain with  Hydrate 24 daily.

-Apply  polisher after to seal in and detangle and protect, manes, tails, forelocks and feathers.


-Use to mix Hydrate 24 leave in:(Directions to mix is on the Mix and Hydrasol bottles , can not make Hydrate 24 without the bottles)

It is  a leave in hydrating  treatment for manes, tails, feathers, forelock, full body, and coat conditioner. With our dry groom waterless cleanse and brush system it will add shine, protection, AND  extra conditioning, prevent hair from being pourous, removes stains only through our hydration system, groom with it and therefore less staining. Hydrate 24 dissolves dirt and yellow(more noticeable in lighter hair) through hydration when used as maintenance and keeps the horse cleaner  with protection from stains and dirt!! It will  assist in lifting  dirt and stains too! (PLEASE see Hydrate 24 and shock! ) .

Please Purchase the Hydrate 24 Bottle pack for the correct mixture. The Mix directions and proportions are on the bottle, for a reason. Not all bottles will accommodate the mix through the quiet sprayer, our bottle and sprayer has been tested and ours works! It is also labeled properly for safety reasons and  instructions to mix are on both bottles.

It saves you $$$$$, by mixing your own! a great value!

-Use to mix the SHOCK treatment too! (see Shock), Brings back the needed moisture and elasticity and pull out yellow and urine safely only through our uniques hydrate system!

-contains aloe vera and chamomile

Manely Conditioner 16oz