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VIRTUALLY THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET TODAY!  Not just a Detangler,(watch them unravel) but Protects the hair from the elements, all in one product! It will Maintain Healthy Hair, Strengthen while making hair Silkier, Smoother with Shine too! Not greasy and leaves no residue.

Use as maintenance to prevent and protect.

The perfect key to unlock tangles, remove burrs, and prevent them from returning! Instantly goes to work to unravel quickly  and keeping them away longer.  Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher protects, detangles, de-frizzes, de-matts. Last 5-7 times longer than any product.

Key Features: Non-Greasy, No Residue,  Repels Dirt, Long Lasting Formula, leave in, no washing needed prior to application. IT WORKS!

Available in 2 sizes: 4 oz, 12 oz


FORMULALasting 5-7 times longer than any product! Contains Vitamin B and Keratin. No alcohol. No residue, No buildup, apply to a dirty dry, or wet clean, leaves mane & tail softer, silkier for luxurious hair with no residue!  The perfect compliment to the Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner, and Shampoo.

PLUS  it will not freeze in the winter! formulated for Horses, Dogs and People too!

DETANGLE, POLISH, PROTECT, DE-FRIZZ, DE-MATT,  SHINE  and MAINTAIN! This says it all and more. An amazing product that will gently remove Tornado tangles, Knots, mats  and burrs in minutes NOT Hours and Relaxes dreadlocks!PREVENTS THEM FROM RETURNING WITH WEEKLY MAINTENANCE…EASY!!

Maintenance is important, the Polisher allows for gentle care  brushing with our brushes which cleans the hair and keeps it tangle free longer!

VITAMIN B5 AND KERATIN AMINO ACIDS  are added to this amazing formula to help strengthen and condition.  Polisher adds shine, repairs, and protects too!

Manely Detangler