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THE BEST SHAMPOO HANDS DOWN!  RESTORE, CLEANSE , SHINE & BRIGHTEN.  A gentle deep cleaning  formula with extracts of ginger root, jojoba seed, and rosemary leaf to name a few.

Made with Panthenol B 5… this specialized formaula works to make the hair clean, manageable, and hydrated while adding loads of body and shine. Works well on all hair types and color variations too! When using our system stains lift out, and yellowing gone! No bluing , No bleaching, No Silvering and No drying and detroying the hair. White is white……It’s amazing and “It Works”

Our system:( Hydrate 24, & Polisher, Shock)

-Concentrated Formula

-Reconditions hair and removes stains gently

-Great  for Horses, Dogs, People too!


EXCEPTIONAL INGREDIENTS : Proprietary blend of Extracts including: White Ginger Root, Jojoba Seed, Rosemary Leaf, Algae to name a few!

*Concentrated formula, can be diluted.

*For all hair types and colors!!

*Helps to whiten and brighten light colored manes, tails and full body too, replacing a whitening shampoo.  Gently removing stains while reconditioning the hair with Panthenol B Five. *Lightly scented with Awapuhi.

*Gives the hair extra shine , luster, body, gloss and shimmer. 

*Great for full body manes, tails, forelock and feathers..

*Great for People, recommended use: once a week only for normal to dry hair, 1-2 xs a week for oily hair.

*Great for dogs! No lingering smells, deeps cleanse and gentle. recommended usage 1 every 10-14 days.

*Wash manes and tails, when its time to deep clean and rehydrate with restore, conditioner, and polisher. Even when on MLH maintenance wash as needed for softer silkier, removing dirt and film  gives a fresh start to the MLH program. Wash Manes and tails when you see its time, it will remove the layers of polisher that protect and allow the treatment to rehydrate and repair the hair  once again..

*spot cleaning as well, grass and other natural stains..

Will contribute the ease of grooming with the conditioner and  Detangler.

Manely Shampoo 16 oz